Bag of Advice for Styling, Organising and Planning

Living the life of “having it all together” is what we all strive to do. Marriage, kids (and this is a list on its own), work, home, friends etc. See, we never even make our own list.

I have been working in the Hospitality and Events Industry for more than 20 years and have discovered that being organised is not second nature for everyone. This just leads to frustration and not enjoying your clothes, possessions and home environment. I can assist in living with joy and learning good habits to get the most from every day.

We all have different needs, styles and personalities and my services is custom to every person and not a general design. My love for beautiful surroundings is also lived out in the Wedding Industry and I know how daunting and overwhelming the planning can be, but also how expensive. I offer planning advice for everyone on any budget to plan right from the start.

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